Two Thousand and Twenty Eight - The Lady in the Lake


In its Pure Form, the Cold Virus has seemed to be a curse and blessing. Many will curse existence because of it until their dying days. Those who emerged developed unique abilities of extraordinary power to thrive out there. These weren’t seemingly ordinary people. They were legends. Volume, One of their Greatest Journey, Begins here. There was a remarkable woman. She might have been the most extraordinary woman there ever was.

Conor Black was depressed. He wanted to give up smoking.

He wanted to hear that music from another universe.

Some people want too much. Enter Conor’s father, Oz Black.

Maverick. Intellectual genius. Seemingly ordinary citizen.

A Time Traveller who vowed never to break the laws again.

Being the children of Oz was complicated. Everything was so messed up when a man so powerful in time travel that no one could ever break that rock.

In Oz, we trusted.

Oz had an urgent message to deliver.

Conor Black was falling in love with Penultimate One.

He was making a true friend. Their story would always soar high.

Everything went down south. It was going to hell.

Conor only had one situation in mind. He must break the speed of light and deliver her safely to the ground. Her name was Lily Zela. But Angelica Black had other plans.

Two Thousand and Twenty Eight: The Lady of the Lake is in development stage and will be available on the Amazon marketplace soon.